Why I Chose NextHome Rustic Realty

Wow! What a busy summer it has been in the real estate world here in Cheyenne, WY. The last post from me was this spring and I was trying to explain what the market was doing. Today? I feel like it is still a lot of unknown. However, it is not the HOT, HOT, HOT seller’s market that it was a year ago, and as a Buyer Agent, I am LOVING this new market for my buyers! It is a bummer that interest rates are a little higher than what we have been spoiled with the past few years, but my buyers have time to look, they have time to think if this home is the perfect one, and there is actual inventory here on the market! Six months ago, there was about 40 residential homes on market, today, over 300, with an average price of $350,000. That is a nice market for a buyer here, ya’ll!


Anyways, with a little market update out of the way, onto the what I really want to share with you all today, and that is: Why I Chose My Brokerage- NextHome Rustic Realty.

Did you know that I also have a real estate license in Utah? I had got all done with my schooling and testing there when a week later, we moved out this way, so I never got used it out there. However, when I arrive here, I knew I still wanted to pursue this new career so I did not waste much time getting my Wyoming license in real estate. I even made an awesome friend in the process. I loved this place already!

After Wyoming Real Estate school, it was time to pick a brokerage in a town I did not know much about. So, I hopped on google! There are actually quite a few brokerages in town. I has heard so many good things about so many of them. I called brokerage one, and went straight to a voicemail. I called another, and said they would call me back later; and then another, and another. I was feeling a little discouraged. I knew exactly what I wanted in a work place for my new career, however just felt I was not finding it.

I then saw a brokerage called “Wyoming Rustic Realty” listed on google. I giggled at the name. I called them last, and someone answered! The women on the other line was happy, she had time to answer my call, and was genuinely interested in that I would like to interview at their brokerage. SOLD!


I am going on three years at this brokerage, that was originally a little “mom&pop” type brokerage, that grew, joined the franchise NextHome, moved into a new building, and has become my family in a town that I was so new to. That women on the other line became a lifelong friend. This brokerage helped me blossom into an agent that has the top 80% of experience in town by simply keeping in mind that we are here to help people and not here to make the most bucks in town. This brokerage helped us buy our first home. This brokerage is the reason I have hit so many milestones. This brokerage even hired my real estate school friend who wanted the work environment NextHome offers! This brokerage was not the place I was originally going to stay long term… This brokerage is my forever home!

I picked NextHome for what they stand for, “Humans Over Houses.” That is not just a slogan they just put on a Facebook post, it is something I feel when I go to work, when I am in meetings, when I am with clients, when we are all out together volunteering and helping the community, and so much more!

Thank you, Rustic Realty! I can’t wait to see what our future holds!