Spring Cleaning

Deep breath in. Is there anything better than your home being fresh and just cleaned? Laundry done, dishes put away, floors spotless, and air freshers on full blast; ahhhh… Then, your family come homes and wrecks it in about 3 minutes, right? Just kidding! Kind of…

Spring is just around the corner here in Wyoming! Although, I know it does not feel like it with the scattered snow we are getting and the below zero weather some days, but the sun is coming up sooner and staying up later. Also, I saw some baby chicks in the farm good store the other day, and here, that means it’s almost Spring!

It got me thinking about spring cleaning. Why is that a thing, to get rid of clutter in the spring? What are we so busy with in the winter that clutter and dust seem to accumulate? Either way, it feels great to declutter and clean in the new warm weather. Ready to recharge!

I was checking out some cool spring-cleaning tips and found some interesting techniques. For example, cleaning a shower faucet with vinegar, stainless steel sinks with baking soda, or placing a wet dryer sheet on a ceramic stovetop to remove burnt-on stains; I will defiantly have to try that one!

Some other organizing tips for spring cleaning time can include:

-Empty the fridge and thoroughly clean it. Gosh, I feel that there is so much gunk at the bottom of my fridge and some ketchup stains in the side doors, this is a great plan.

-Sweep under your large appliances like fridge, stove, washer and dryer, etc. Anyone with pets are probably scared of what they will find here; me included!

-Clean blinds and curtains. I like to wash my curtains and then hang them back up to air dry. It makes the house smell like fresh laundry and gets the dust and pollen out from having the windows open, too! I am all ears from a good technique from cleaning blinds that doesn’t take all day, however.

-Wipe down floorboards.

-Flip your mattress! I always forget to do this one every 6 months!

However you decide spring clean, if anything, I hope it brings you joy to know that you have a beautiful home and if spring cleaning makes you realize you need some different walls, let me know!