Resolutions or Renovations?

Let’s talk home décor. Just like clothes, home décor, style, and layouts go in and out of style all the time.

Remember the popular bilevel 70’s style homes with some green walls and shag carpet? Yikes. Or, how about covering up beautiful hardwood floor with some linoleum. What were we thinking!? But even today, certain home styles are on the rage right now and that is subject to change, too.

In 2020-2021 we saw a lot of whites, greys, and farmhouse style décor. Timeless, but white is everywhere! White walls, white cabinets, with hints of grey and black here and there bringing out natural light. I love it! We painted over brick and cabinets to make everything white and clean. When will we start to regret that, I wonder? Homes feel very light today, but kind of…cold in a way! I think after the heavy year of 2020, everyone was looking for a space that made them feel lighter and the area larger, which is understandable!

But it is now 2022, let’s see what new trend we will be seeing in the new year!

According to VOGUE and a few other articles I looked up since I am no interior designer, we will be seeing more neutral colors on the walls with maybe some bold color accent walls. Bold like citrus green and purple. This is really going to warm things up! Not only that, but we will also see more variety of texture and mixed styles combined from all years of home style décor, including things like curved furniture, similar to the 70’s again. Cool! Not sure how this is all going to look, but I am excited to see it in homes now!

Not just décor and styles are changing, but layouts are changing too. I hate to mention COVID in my blog posts, but it has really been a life changing experience and event in our world today and that effects the way we live even in our own space, too. People are wanting and needing more bedrooms. Not just so that kids can have their own space now, but people need home offices and workout rooms are becoming a need for many. We will start seeing a thing called a “multipurpose” room where kids will play, watch movies, do school work, and adults will work out etc. How interesting!

So, what do you think of the 2022 trends?