Cheyenne Gems

Here I sit, at an open house of a beautiful rural property here in Cheyenne, WY that I wish I could live in. People are coming in and asking about the area, market, weather, etc. It got me thinking: Cheyenne is such a fun, beautiful, and interesting place to live, what are some hidden gems in this town? Many people know about Frontier Days with the rodeos, concerts, and shopping, duh, however, there is so much more to Cheyenne than that one week in July!

Cheyenne was the start of Wyoming with the railroad back in the 1800s. So, as you can imagine, there are is museum after museum to go to here and some historical sites to venture onto here. I am in real estate so I love to visit the Governor Mansion, obviously, where one can walk into all the rooms of the house and learn about construction and use of the old house! (Spoiler alert, there is a bomb shelter in the basement). There is even a hot coco event during Christmas in the sunroom.

Some other favorites of mine are: “The Depot,” which is the original railroad stop and is now a great little brewery, museum, and tour stop. A full day of fun there! And, if anyone did not know, Cheyenne is a big military town. We have the F.E Warren Air Force Base located here. Although one cannot go into the base other than a special tour they sometimes have in the summer, there is another museum North of town where you can go down and see an old missile control station from the 80s/90s timeframe called Québec. All worth your time!

I guess if you are not into museums, then you are thinking Cheyenne is not for you. Understandable, but wait, there is more! Cheyenne has some great local bakeries, like “The Bread Basket” downtown and steak houses like the “Rib and Chop.” Not only does Cheyenne have some of the best steak houses as well, and the cutest little shops for some local shopping, but they have great outdoor stuff, too! I feel it is important for me to say that Cheyenne is not Jackson, WY or Cody, WY. Take one look around and you will notice that. But there is a park called Curt Gowdy State Park just West of town where there is great hiking, camping, and some gorgeous lakes to unwind and remove yourself from the hustle of bustle of life. When I was there this summer, me and my husband with our dogs camped out and saw some wildlife… and cows, kayaked and hiked!

I hope you come around the local Cheyenne gems soon!